So much for April…

Well, I was going to blog at least twice a week. Or at least once a week. Or, at the very least, once a fortnight. Then April happened…  And I don’t have any good excuses except to say that the writing muse wasn’t with me.  Which is, frankly, a sucky excuse because I know better

Money and religion

I find it mildly annoying that many personal finance gurus (and their books) are tied to strong religious views.  The heavy-weight champ is, of course, Dave Ramsey.  That dude can find a proverb to support whatever it is that he’s selling.  Then again, one can usually find a bible verse to support whatever one is

The future is now.

Hardly insightful; however, I’m often astounded by current technology (when it works).  I just spent a long weekend visiting Colonial Williamsburg.  One of the first sites I went to was Bassett Hall, John D. Rockefeller, Jr’s country cottage.  Chris and I were wondering how the Rockefellers could travel from location to location and still conduct

Home Is Where the Cat Is…

We went to view an apartment today.  And now I’m totally bummed out. Some background: we have been homeowners.  And we have come to the conclusion that homeownership bites.  Bites hard.  With condos, there’s HOA dues and HOA members and HOA management to deal with.  (And speaking as a former president of a HOA, it

Sleep. Glorious sleep.

(This musical sprang into my head, and this is the most famous number…  Although I really am shy.) So when I turned 30, my back decided to be lame.  Seriously: right after my 30th birthday, I began to experience chronic, but low-level, back pain.  Just enough to remind me that something’s not 100% but not


It’s February, it’s cold, and I still dream of moving to warm weather. Then I remember: I have theater tickets next week.  And the week after that.  And the week after that… I honestly do not believe there’s a better theater scene in this country than right here in Chicago.  It’s one of my many,