Two Weeks Later

Our cat passed away two weeks ago.  I find myself still trying to find her around the house.  Her vet called today, asking how we were doing.  The truthful answer: it’s so weird. We have a lot of travel planned over the next 8 months and it’s so weird to not have to worry about

Exercise: because I have to

I hate to exercise.  I resent the whole time I spend doing it.  I don’t get that endorphin high — I’m convinced it’s a myth. But I really must exercise.  My back and my feet need a certain amount of core maintenance.  My ego requires me to stay a certain size.  I want to lose at

Long time, no see

Okay, it’s been a while.  But there’s stuff that I have on my mind, on topics ranging from racial tensions on college campuses to airline miles to interior design to whether I should root my Nook tablet.  This seems like the right spot to spill.