Ah, turkey day.  In my family, we had one disastrous Thanksgiving back in 2006 (family drama: crying, yelling, fighting) and so Chris and I haven’t hosted a family Thanksgiving since. Instead, we often traveled during the long weekend.  In 2009, 2011, and 2013 we went to Paris.  This year, we took Thanksgiving weekend and the… Continue reading Thankgiving

Yale: it’s not just “free speech vs. safe spaces”

I’m cutting and pasting from comments I made on Facebook earlier this week… This isn’t about coddled students. This is a pissing contest between admin and faculty, where students ended up in the crosshairs. The IAC email was a reminder to not be a jerk; Christakis’ response distorted that into a 1st Amendment issue. Let’s… Continue reading Yale: it’s not just “free speech vs. safe spaces”

Long time, no see

Okay, it’s been a while.  But there’s stuff that I have on my mind, on topics ranging from racial tensions on college campuses to airline miles to interior design to whether I should root my Nook tablet.  This seems like the right spot to spill.