Good news, bad news

the bad news:

  • Prop 8 is looking bad.
  • Gay marriage bans definitely passed in FL and AZ.
  • Bachmann held on to her seat.
  • Stevens may hold on to his seat.  (WTF????)
  • Dan Seals lost.

The good news:

  • well, one of my former professors had a good night.
  • Significant gains in both the House and the Senate.
  • Indiana is still a nail-biter, so maybe I did make a tiny, tiny difference.
  • Dole lost.

The good definitely outweighs the bad.  But my biggest criticism of Obama has been, and continues to be, that he’s too far right on gay marriage.  His stance made it okay for people to vote for him and against gay marriage at the same time.  There’s definitely a pragmatic reason to be “okay” with that — a progressive stance on gay marriage would have cost him the Democratic Primary, nevermind the presidential election.  I just have to hope that we, as a people, remedy this current round of injustice as we celebrate our victory over past injustices.

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