Anyone want to swap houses?

I love our neighborhood.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  

I appreciate the goodies of our home.  We’ve got plenty of space, more bathrooms than we could possibly use, and tons of “extras” that we’d never want to live without: plenty of outdoor spaces, brick walls, exposed beams, hardwood floors, two-floor living, in-unit washer dryer, central air.  I’ve yet to see a home in our neighborhood that comes close to what we already have at the price we paid.

So why am I constantly dissatisfied with it?  It’s not that I want a HOUSE – that would just be a royal PITA.  As is, we love the low maintenance of our outdoor spaces.  What would I do with a yard?  (Other than shamefully neglect it?)  


I crave sunlight!  Age!  Character!  Beauty!  Proportions!  Elegance!  Tin ceilings, wide hallways, crown molding, antique built-ins, wood-burning fireplaces, 13+ foot ceilings…  I want something that takes my breath away every time I walk up to my home.  We once had that… in the wrong neighborhood.  And frankly, I haven’t seen much that passes my “curb appeal” test in our neighborhood.  

So where does that leave me?  I think all this means that I want to live in a Kenwood house, preferably at Kenwood prices, but in my neighborhood.  Which is pretty much the same as wanting the moon.

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