I’ve posted on the state of marriage before:

But events of the past two weeks have naturally lead me back to this topic.  I adore Chris.  I cherish the fact that we’re spending our lives together.  But I’ve never felt “marriage” was a glue keeping us together.  And I’ve never craved the world’s acceptance of our relationship.  But of course, that could be because I take such acceptance for granted and not because I’m such a social rebel.  (Almost said “maverick” there!)

So I’m seeing friends promote different ideas on how to respond to Prop 8 (as well as all the other bans that passed this year and in the past few years), and I’m torn.  I’m a big believer in choice, so I find myself sitting squarely on the fence on this issue, thinking that perhaps the answer is BOTH marriage and civil unions for all.  Something along the lines of covenant marriages for the crazies, marriage for the traditional, civil unions for the secular…  regardless of sexual orientation.

Would Chris and I divorce to leap into a civil union?  I think we’d at least talk about it…

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