Happy Thanksgiving

Reviving an old tradition…  we’re truly fortunate and it’s always a good idea to give thanks.  Even if you don’t know to whom you’re giving thanks.  Lots of superlatives are coming, but that’s just because I’m an opinionated jerk sometimes.  🙂

I’ve got the best life partner in the world.  Who just brought me a chocolate croissant.  No matter what lies ahead, I know we’ve got a rock-solid foundation.

We’ve got a beautiful home in the most kick-ass neighborhood of the greatest city in the United States.

We’ve got the most adorable, well-behaved kitty.

I’ve got a job I love… most days.

We’ve got a president-elect worthy of respect and admiration.

I’ve re-established old ties this year and I’m delighted to find so many old friends doing so well.

And thank goodness for all our friends and family, both rediscovered and never lost!

I’m thankful for the little things too:

  • I love my iPhone.
  • I love this new sweater I just picked up (it’s soft, warm, and makes me look skinny!)
  • I’m still tickled pink by our A/V system in the living room!
  • I love my eye doctor’s office in an interior design store — they’ve got the coolest glasses in this city.
Happy Thanksgiving all.

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