One opinion formed, another brewing…

If the UN’s position holds, Israel has lost my support.  Not that Israel care about my support…

But now I don’t know what to make of this site:

Andrew Sullivan makes one excellent point in responding to someone complaining about this map:

You can only shame people if they feel ashamed. And, frankly, if you have chosen to strip civil rights from some of your employees, why should you be able to protect yourself from the consequences? Your employees weren’t protected from the consequences of your decision. You helped force them into legal divorce – and you’re the victim here?

But he’s also a bit shortsighted:

…I don’t get the fear. If Prop 8 supporters truly feel that barring equality for gay couples is vital for saving civilization, shouldn’t they be proud of their financial support? Why don’t they actually have posters advertizing their support for discriminating against gay people – as a matter of pride?

Majority-oppressors SHOULD fear minority-oppressed.  The abuse that such a majority imposes upon a minority SHOULD create a breeding ground for fear, violence and distrust that goes both ways.  I’m not sold on the idea that these maps truly stimulate discussion and positive engagement rather than simply pointing the finger and building walls.

On the other hand, I also value information, this information is and should be publicly available, and frankly, I’d personally want to know if there are businesses I should go out of my way to support or avoid.  Money is speech and while any homophobe can spend his or her money as he or she sees fit, I don’t have to contribute/support/facilitate that spending.  Information is key to directing my funds as efficiently and as positively as possible.

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