Dream kitchen

I’m watching Divine Design.  I wish I could find a Candice Olsen clone in Chicago (although I did read a rumor that her first sewer, Edmund, moved here last year).  Since I’m almost finished with the bedrooms, I’m now free to dream about the kitchen.  In the past 4 years, the only thing we’ve done to the kitchen was paint it.  While that did help make it much more attractive, that did nothing to enhance its functionality.  At this point, I’ve got a few ideas on what I do and don’t want…  and I figure this space is as good as any to jot down a few ideas for the future.  Keeping in mind that I’m not interested in a drastic change (and the drastic costs associated with such changes), I think I want:

  • almost anything but stainless steel appliances (so normal nowadays)…  I’m still quite taken with Jenn Aire’s floating glass black appliances.
  • almost anything but granite countertops (again, too common, but more importantly, the stuff is too hard on our place settings!).  I keep changing my mind between cladding the current countertops with copper (a lovely, cost-effective trick we encountered in Arizona) and butcher block countertops.
  • I do like having an undermount sink.
  • I’d *love* to have a counter-depth, French door fridge.
  • I’m also lusting after a Bosch dishwasher.
  • While I’m at it, a gas range w/ continuous grates would be a lovely upgrade.  Oh, and an attractive range hood (instead of a microwave).
  • One thought that keeps popping in my head: demo the pantry and laundry closets, extend our countertops along that wall to create a u-shaped kitchen, and fit in the laundry appliances underneath the new countertops.
  • pull out drawers in lieu of our standard lower cabinets, self-closing of course!
  • We need room for cookbooks!  Also a sensible spot for our laptops, for those instances when we cook based off a recipe online.
  • a spot for recycling and composting would be lovely.
  • oh, and room for a large (100+ bottle) wine fridge would be ideal.

Yeah, it’s a dream list.  Pretty much like my last couple of posts.  But if I stopped dreaming, what would I do with myself?

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