What I learned over summer vacation

So under-employment (I have been working sporadically) continues.  In the past 8 months, I’ve had about 10 interviews, some of which went very well and some of which were border-line disaster and NONE of which lead to a job offer.  So what have I learned in this process?

1.  I’ve got too much experience.  For one gig, the interviews went ASTONISHINGLY well.  I even keep in touch with one of the partners that I met.  But in the end, they decided to go for a junior associate (with 3 months of experience) instead of a mid-level associate.

2.  I don’t have enough experience.  My most recent interview, last week, also went pretty well.  We hit it off, I got a good vibe, and had my fingers crossed all weekend.  Monday, I get a call saying that they went with someone with more experience.  Bugger.

3.  I’m too aggressive.  That was a feedback comment I got last week, from a New Yorker, after I interviewed for a teaching position.  I can only laugh…

4.  I’m not aggressive enough?  This is surmise based upon one interview that went really, really well and then… radio silence.  After following up with calls and emails for over a month, I finally just gave up on hearing back from them.

I keep reminding myself that something will pan out, that something will turn up, that I’m on the verge of something great.  It’s just getting harder and harder to believe…

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