And… we’re back!

Wow, it’s been about 2.5 years since I blogged here.  Since then, changes in my personal life include:

  • A few jobs (one I hated and wisely did not blog about)
  • Selling the condo
  • Moving into our apartment
  • Starting a business
  • Resuming travel (this time with a focus on my own country)
  • Reconnecting with my dad and aunt

Changes in the world around me include:

  • Emergence of the Tea Party craziness
  • Arab Spring
  • Adieu Steve Jobs
  • A new Chicago mayor

And somethings just don’t change:

  • Chris and I are going strong
  • The cat is still the cutest cat in the world
  • My friends and family continue to astonish me with their inherent awesomeness
  • I still dream…

I find myself wanting to capture thoughts that aren’t necessarily appropriate for Facebook.  The privacy settings here are nil, though, so the paranoid in me is going to continue to edit myself here, but I’m curious to see if/how this develops this time…

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