It’s February, it’s cold, and I still dream of moving to warm weather.

Then I remember: I have theater tickets next week.  And the week after that.  And the week after that…

I honestly do not believe there’s a better theater scene in this country than right here in Chicago.  It’s one of my many, many vices and I can’t imagine giving up attending live theater.

Yet, if one is supposed to convert one’s passions into one’s profession, could I do that with this passion?  A friend of Facebook once suggested it and it stuck with me.  One problem, of course, is that I’d really like to preserve this passion as a passion: in other words, I’m concerned that if I worked in the arts, that I’d get sick of the arts.

The bigger problem: I’ve got the performance talent of a stick.  Wait, no, that’s insulting to the talents of sticks.

Well, what about behind the scenes?  No, not making my toes curl.  The biggest challenge facing the arts, the biggest challenge that has forever faced the arts is fundraising.  And I’m the chick who couldn’t sell Girl Scout Cookies when I was a kid.  (This is the same reason why I’ve crossed politics off my list.)

But I’ve got plenty of other vices I could consider converting into a profession…

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