The future is now.

Hardly insightful; however, I’m often astounded by current technology (when it works).  I just spent a long weekend visiting Colonial Williamsburg.  One of the first sites I went to was Bassett Hall, John D. Rockefeller, Jr’s country cottage.  Chris and I were wondering how the Rockefellers could travel from location to location and still conduct business and found this home was restored in 1936 with all the bells and whistles: phones, radios, full electricity, a recognizable kitchen, and walking distance to Western Union for easy telegram access.

Compare to our communications while touring the home: we each carried an iPhone (an outdated one at that: we both have the iPhone 4).  I had my iPad as well (because I had downloaded a lovely HD version of a Williamsburg guidebook).  Chris’ iPad and MacBook were in the hotel room, which provided free wi-fi.

Then yesterday, Chicago enjoyed some fabulous weather.  So I settled in my apartment building’s courtyard with my iPhone and iPad.  Since I could access our wi-fi network outside, there was very little, work-wise, that I couldn’t do from my iPad: I spent yesterday reading, researching, and writing in the sun.  (The glare off the iPad was a bit annoying, but I made do.)

Every time I stream video to our TV or a mobile device, I’m happily surprised.

Every time I use GPS to pin-point my position and obtain detailed directions to a new destination, I’m truly astonished.

Every time I open my iBooks on my iPad and see the thousands of books I’ve already managed to acquire (yes, legally!), I’m astounded by the quality and quantity available at my fingertips.

I’m of a particular generation who grew up with computers in the home, but also remembers things like expensive long-distance calls, hand-written letters, black & white tube TVs, 8-track players…

Louis CK sums up my view on technology most of the time:

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