So much for April…

Well, I was going to blog at least twice a week.

Or at least once a week.

Or, at the very least, once a fortnight.

Then April happened…  And I don’t have any good excuses except to say that the writing muse wasn’t with me.  Which is, frankly, a sucky excuse because I know better than to wait for the muses to move me.

Spring has sprung in Chicago (kinda), which gets my gardening nerd going.  One problem for my inner gardening nerd: we have no outdoor gardening space.  Just a tiny deck in the back that has just enough square footage for the grill and ZERO sunlight.

What about indoor gardening?  Well…  I’m lazy.  Which means that watering doesn’t happen as frequently as it needs to happen for an indoor garden.  Also, we don’t have much direct sunlight.  Oodles and oodles of indirect light (our home is wonderfully bright and airy), but not many actual sunbeams.  Since I favor planting useful, edible plants, that is really a problem.

Nevertheless, I keep dreaming about a little container garden in the sunroom/office.  Cat-friendly plants in self-watering containers that require little direct light but still look and taste good…  Yeah, this is a pipedream.

But dreaming is free and fun (in moderation).  And in the meantime, I’ll plant our Aerogarden with chives and basil in the kitchen (where there’s easy water access and we’d actually use the plants!) and try to be content with that.  Even though the Aerogarden totally feels like cheating…

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