The joys of dining alone 

I’m traveling more for work, which means lots of dining solo. I’m a hermit by nature, but I try to fight that when traveling alone so that I don’t get too lost in my head. 

So tonight I’m in Oklahoma City, staying in a neighborhood called Bricktown. My restaurant choice this evening, West, is based in part on the good (but few) reviews, in part by its proximity to my hotel, and the fact that it is a new restaurant. 

So far, mixed bag. I’m starting with a happy hour cocktail, the Thunder West (I’m in close proximity to the stadium). But when I asked for more detail about their wine flights, no one could give me any details. 

We’ll see how the rest of the meal goes. I’m ordering pretty conservatively: chicken fried steak, red wine flight, and dessert.  

In total, I’ve got a cocktail (very tasty) and four wine tastings for $20. Can’t complain about the prices!

And now the chicken fried steak has arrived.  


And yes, that was awesome. 

One joy of dining solo is that I often get great, attentive service. While chatting with my main server, I learned the reason why no one could give me more information on the wine flights: they hadn’t yet tried them themselves! Again, te restaurant is new, so the waitstaff haven’t yet been trained on the wine selection. Apparently, they have a wine tasting scheduled for the staff in three days. 

And dessert looks (and smells) pretty great too:


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