Two Weeks Later

Our cat passed away two weeks ago.  I find myself still trying to find her around the house.  Her vet called today, asking how we were doing.  The truthful answer: it’s so weird.

We have a lot of travel planned over the next 8 months and it’s so weird to not have to worry about the cat.  (It’s also weird to think that the house will be empty, with no one visiting on a daily basis to check on the cat.)

I find myself looking for her at odd moments: when I wake up, I wonder where she is.  When I’m sitting at the dining table, I sometimes look at “her” chair to see if she’s there.  If I hear a noise near the staircase, I look to see if she’s coming downstairs.

It’s not like this was unexpected.  She was battling a lot of health problems all at once: cancer, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, chronic kidney disease, cataracts…  But knowing that doesn’t make it easier.

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