Ah, turkey day.  In my family, we had one disastrous Thanksgiving back in 2006 (family drama: crying, yelling, fighting) and so Chris and I haven’t hosted a family Thanksgiving since.

Instead, we often traveled during the long weekend.  In 2009, 2011, and 2013 we went to Paris.  This year, we took Thanksgiving weekend and the following week for a trip to Asia: Macau (kinda), Seoul (to visit my dad), and Hong Kong.

The maximizer in me really doesn’t like being out of the country on Black Friday: I’m concerned I’ll miss deals.  The minimalist in me really loves being out of the country on Black Friday: less crap ends up in the house.  The bank account loses either way, but at least if I’m traveling, I’m focusing on experiences instead of stuff.

I find that focusing on experiences, and giving thanks for being able to partake in awesome experiences, is much more compatible with the spirit of the holiday than maximizing on “deals.”  So abroad we go!

First up: Macau.

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