Our European Adventure: Summer 2016 Edition! Part 4: Figuring Out Day-to-Day Life

We’re now back from France.  Chris has been doing a great job of keeping notes and blogging about our daily adventures there.  This post is more about the day-to-day life there…

First, it must be noted that we were very fortunate with the timing of this trip with respect to our careers.  Neither of us had to work very much and so we really, truly could relax.

Most mornings, Chris woke up to feed the kittens and then came back to sleep in a bit more.  Eventually we would wake up, enjoy the fabulous water pressure in our shower, get dressed, and then head over the bakery.  We’d pick up an assortment of goodies for breakfast for us and our guests, then head back home.  Sometimes we had guests who woke up before us and went to the bakery for everyone.  Either way, most mornings started with a fresh croissant, coffee, and orange juice.

About twice a week, we headed to a village market.  The furthest we went was to the Louhans market, about an hour south-west of us.  The closest market was Meursault, about 5 minutes north of us.  We found huge markets (Louhans, Chagny, Beaune on Saturdays, Dijon), medium-sized markets (Montchanin, Givry), and a couple of tiny markets (Meursault, Nolay).  Regardless of size, there was always cheese and produce and charcuterie to make my mouth water.

We usually had some sort of outing each day (and Chris is doing a great job detailing what we did), but there were a few “do-nothing” days where we just sat around and talked with each other and our friends.  One beautiful afternoon, we just sat in the sitting room and listened to a friend play the piano for a few hours while the rest of us read and enjoyed her music.

The kittens were hardly neglected this month.  As introverts, Chris and I usually needed a break from everyone (even our beloved friends) in the late-afternoon, about an hour or so before dinner.  So we’d retire to our room, find our kittens snoozing in the sun, feed them, and then play with them.

During our 4 weeks in Burgundy, we ate out for dinner 6 times and 5 of those times within walking distance of home.  The remainder of the dinners were prepared by Chris or our friends, with the non-cooks pitching in and assisting as required.  We sometimes ate outside, or our lovely dining room, or our wine cave (just once), or sometimes the kitchen with the best sunset views.  Dinner was a lingering affair, with lots of wine and conversation.  The food was amazing, in no small part because the local ingredients were amazing.

Sometimes dinner was so late (because sunset was so late: between 9:30 and 10 pm) that we went to bed shortly after.  Sometimes we would stay up and play games.  And sometimes we would just hang out and talk while staring out at the beautiful night sky.

It may not be the most glamorous of vacations — no night life, no wild or crazy adventures — but it was magical.

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